because words matter

I’ve worked for big clients at a national agency, handled the in-house public relations for a travel destination, taught at the college level and partnered in a boutique PR firm.

The one truth that transcends these roles and more than 20 years of experience is that words matter. Not just by themselves, but their placement on a page, their verbal delivery and their relation to the audience.

I apply this truth to all facets of writing.

Professional Writing

Whether it’s one project or the need for a new behind-the-scenes (ghostwriter) team member, put my ability and professional know-how to work for your organization.

Articles. News releases. White papers. Blogs. Communiques. Strategy documents. Business proposals.

You name it, and I’ve likely written it at least once in my career. I’d love the opportunity to write another for you.

Editing & Proofing

Where does that apostrophe belong? Are you anxious or eager? Punctuation and word choice have the power to completely change your message. Let me take the worry out of your writing with my editing and proofing skills.

Content Curation

You have a story to tell, even if you’re not sure exactly what that is. Allow me to help curate content catered for whatever mediums matter most to you and your organization.


A voracious reader, I adore storytelling. One of life’s greatest pleasures is escaping into a good book and my goal is to write the types of stories readers can feel, connect with and grow from.

ELEPHANTS ON PARADE was my first complete manuscript, and I love that it exists in this world. 

I have a lot to learn and more skills to develop before I’ll be able to call myself a novelist. But I’m loving the journey!  

I continue to write creatively, for my own satisfaction and share some of my favorite stories in my blog. 

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