I’m just a gal, daydreaming about a mom cave of her own.

I know they have mom sheds. I don’t want a shed.

I want a cave.

A super. bad. ass. cave.

Check out my wish list in my latest blog post for Flagstaff Moms Blog, then share what you would add! And then…let’s begin a letter writing campaign to Joanna Gaines to make a Mom Cave as essential to her work as the shiplap wall. 😉

We Need A Mom Cave

Late last night, my attempt to sleep away from the family (so as not to share my summer cold) officially failed. A tiny visitor had arrived on the couch some time in the night. That’s when it hit me: We need a mom cave!

I mean really – we have man caves, but no one needs a cave more than mom.

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(originally published on LifesETC.com 8/15/17)